Copying Omega Seahorse has become the crown of sales, all because of these steps

In the field of diving watch sports watches, the sales crown has always been above the Rolex water ghost, although the Omega is very hot now, but it has only exceeded the Rolex momentum in recent years.

We all know that the originator of the diving watch is Blancpain. This watch with a historical mission should be requested by the Royal Navy, so we entrusted the diving watch developed by Blancpain.Later, the civilian version appeared, so in fact, the fifty search was originally a military version.

Then, until the later water ghosts, that is, the Rolex submariners, as well as the sea-type, these are the detonated diving luxury high configuration watch that were later derived. In particular, the gradual sea type is still commemorative.Then, the most common ones later, the highest sales were basically concentrated on Rolex Water Ghost and Omega Sea.

In particular, Omega Hippocampus basically has their advertisements for every Olympic Games, and most people wear them in the hippocampus series.

In fact, you can see the design of each series of luxury high configuration omega watch .

The hippocampus series mainly do sports, diving, and then the super-master is mainly used for multi-function, the research on aerospace is close, then the butterfly and constellation are mainly dress watches.

The points are particularly clear, and the series is rare, but each series is classic.

Then, basically, the type of sports watch is much higher than the sales of the formal watch. Then replica omega watches has also increased the research and development of the hippocampus series. See the new styles every year and know that the new style is eight percent. Ten are all hippocampus series.

Then the most competitive with the hippocampus series is the Rolex Water Ghost.

But Rolex Water Ghosts, we all know that after many price increases, the price is now almost twice the price of the cheapest hippocampus.

But still can’t stop the sales of Rolex watches

Until recently, after the launch of the calibre of the 8500 escapement system independently developed by cheap copy omega watches , almost all the hippocampus series have been replaced with this series of movements, of course, there may be evolution, such as 8800.8506.8900, etc. The model number is actually 8500.

If it is not the success of this self-developed movement, it is estimated that the sales of the Omega hippocampus will fall down.

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